A solid company in expansion

For more than 50 years EFFE.GI.BI. has successfully and enthusiastically conducted its business in the wholesale sector of clothing items, lingerie and haberdashery.

Its assortment of over 30,000 clothing items is selected to offer the best of the most renowned Made in Italy trademarks in the complementary clothing sectors: from Hosiery to Underwear, from Lingerie to Swimwear, from Haberdashery to Accessories, to women’s Clothing to the specialized department of Clothes for kids from 0 – 14 years of age, from Household linen to Household items.

EFFE.GI.BI offers its own clients the possibility to choose the assortments they prefer most for their own shops, taking advantage of the vast range and quality of available items. Furthermore, it offers the most exclusive brands for clothing and underwear for retail sales, that are not offered in the large-scale retail sector.

EFFE.GI.BI.’s warehouses cover a surface area of 5,000 sq. m with a self-service structure to allow customers to examine, assess and decide on what to buy in all serenity.

The entire team is at the disposal of customers, offering support in the choice of items and to serve them in their specific demands and needs, also giving a preview of the latest fashion novelties.

A team of 30 people who are constantly in contact with the clothing market, places its global know-how of the sector at the disposal of its customers: from the current fashion trends to all types of the most requested articles, to the choice of image to be conveyed on setting up the shop window, from consultancy services for new styles and materials used in production, up to the demands of final consumers.

A network of sales agents completes the sales and consultancy services.

EFFE.GI.BI. moreover, prides itself in its long-term experience with foreign customers, collaborating with them in all the purchasing phases: from samples' presentations to forwarding procedures. 

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