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For more than 40 years the EFFE.GI.BI. company has conducted its wholesale business in the textile sector, with a vast assortment of classic and trendy items of the best Italian brands and exclusive lines.
The sectors are: Underwear for women-men- kids, Nightwear, Hosiery, Lingerie, Clothes wear for men and women, Kidswear, Swimwear, Haberdashery, Clothing Accessories, Household Linen and Household items.

Besides its full-ranged assortments, the expertise and professionalism of its staff and top-level customer services is what makes EFFE.GI.BI. a reference point for all the specialized retailers of Clothing, Underwear and Haberdashery, and is the ideal partner in the management and development of point of sales.

The assortments cover the most important brands in the sectors dealing with Underwear, Nightwear, Hosiery, Lingerie, Clothing for Women-Men-Kids, Swimwear, Haberdashery, Clothing accessories and Household linen and Household items, as well as the latest in fashion, carefully chosen by the Purchase Managers. The franchises regard the trademark of the GTI (innovative textile wholesalers) consortium of which EFFE.GI.BI. is a partner and its own brands, THE FIRST COTTON CLAN (clothing items for little girls from 0-14 years of age).

EFFE.GI.BI. has its own outlet within the Centergross venue in Bologna with self-service and assisted sales, and also operates through a network of sales agents. It willingly cooperates with Italian and international clientele. 
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