Consultancy for shops

EFFE.GI.BI. is a qualified sales company, able to provide specialized sales points managers for fast and efficient customized services as well as consultancy services.


  • Product differentiation by own and exclusive brands
  • Fast reactions to new market trends that allows us to be the first to have the latest in fashion trends
  • Flexibility and customized services
  • Rapid stock replenishing even in small quantities, so as to avoid the risk of unsold goods
  • Assortments constantly available on shelves to always allow instant and unlimited options
  • Open all day from Mondays to Fridays
  • Orders via e-mail, telephone and fax shipments
  • Preparing and packaging of goods, and worldwide shipments
  • Possibility of leaving purchased goods at our warehouse for brief periods so as to effectively handle storage space in the shop
  • Extensive distribution thanks to a network of salesmen.

Consulting services

EFFE.GI.BI., moreover, supplies ad hoc technical consultancy. It specialized staff are always at hand to advise customers on the important options related to their businesses such as:

  • assisting them with the opening of new sales points:
    • defining the layout of highly-potential assortment of goods according to types, geographic locations, market segments, etc.
    • balancing the volume of assortments to allow a good turnover of merchandise at sales points
  • determining the ideal assortment for each specific type of shop, whether specialized (e.g. only kids’ clothing or lingerie) or multi-sector;
  • drawing up ideas and solutions for the fitting and mounting of display windows, well aware that effective sales points’ displays are crucial to sales;
  • timely and customized information on new arrivals and promotions, also through presentations and fashion shows of “the latest” in the season’s trends.
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