Answers from the expert

We can assist you in both the setting up phases and reassortment during fully operating phases.
The important thing to do for the first fitting is to create an assortment that responds to market demands in the amount of goods purchased.
Acquiring wholesale supplies is a great asset since you would limit the basic stock, since the great supply of goods on our shelves will ensure your stocks are rapidly replenished according to the progress of your shop’s sales.
Collaborating with a qualified and experienced supplier is one of the success factors of your sales point. 

Is there a minimum order?

Yes, but only for the first purchase: €250 for Italian clients, €500 for foreign clients, €150 for orders for haberdashery alone. After the first order, there will not be any other limitations.

How can I send an order?

The first order has to be made in person at our warehouses. This is the first step towards getting acquainted and allowing us to personally show you our assortments, the quality of our services and the helpfulness and competence of our staff. After the first purchase, we accept orders also via mail, telephone and fax.

Are any catalogs and pricelists available?

The novelties and more important items are given on this site by categories, and obviously at our sales points. As to our price lists, you can contact us for the items you are interested in, and we shall be more than willing to answer you personally.

How can I get updates on the novelties in your assortments?

Consult our site often or contact us directly and we shall be glad to inform you of the latest arrivals.

Do you also deal with healthcare items?

For the healthcare sector, we also offer body belts, corsets, sanitary socks, stockings.

What adults' sizes do you market?

Menswear and women's wear are available in all sizes; vast assortment also of calibrated sizes for both men and women.

What kids' sizes do you market?

Children's wear cater to the 0 - 14 years bracket. We propose rompers for infants and sporty and casual wear for boys and girls up to 14 years of age.

What assortments do you offer?

We deal with: Underwear, Nightwear, Hosiery, and Lingerie, Clothing items for Women and Children, Swimwear, Haberdashery, Clothing accessories, Household linen and furnishing items. We offer a wide assortment in each sector according to price range, sizes and models, all-season items and fashion articles, all with an excellent price/quality relationship.

Do you market abroad?

Yes. We have a long-standing commercial relationship with foreign clientele especially in Eastern Europe. Our team can assist customers in all the purchasing phases: from the presentation of ad hoc samples to the forwarding procedures.

Do you also deal with private customers?

No, our company is a wholesale distributor and so we exclusively address retail dealers.
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